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The Last 7 WebmastersTips Sent By E-mail.

Category: Search Engine Tips

SE Optimization Tips: Potential Design and Set Up Problems #275

If your website uses frames, Flash, Javascript, image maps or dynamic URLs, this is an important tip for you to read when it comes to search engine optimization. Some of the aforementioned design choices are considered detrimental when it comes to having your web pages listed well with search engines. If you have a website with one or more of these design aspects, consider developing straight HTML pages and submit those pages to search engines. Use the more visually appealing pages for direct mail marketing on business literature or for pay per click marketing campaigns.

4.33 (21)

Thanks to: WebmastersTips Admin - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Oct 27, 2004 - pub.:Oct 27, 2004 - sent:Dec 27, 2012

Category: Webmaster Tips

CSS Saves you time! #147

Stylesheets are the hottest thing in web design since they were introduced a few years back. They give you huge control over your design, and with a few small changes, you could change the look of your whole site. Only more recent browsers support them, but now about 90% of web users can see them, so you should use them in your site if you are need to control the overall look of your site, or if you are just tired of correcting the formatting on individual pages.

3.67 (15)

Thanks to: Pete Prestipino - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Apr 30, 2004 - pub.:Apr 30, 2004 - sent:Dec 9, 2006

Category: Conversion Tips

Encourage Feedback #183

Make it easy for your visitors to ask questions and you will see a dramatic increase in conversions. An "FAQ" or "Frequently Asked Questions" section is not enough, you must either place a link to an email address (preferably an active one) or provide a support form or support ticket system. SECRET TIP: Place a picture of your support staff on your contact page and you'll get even more feedback. Afraid of being bombarded with SPAM? Use a tool which masks your email address from spiders!

2.73 (11)

Thanks to: WebmastersTips Admin - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:May 11, 2004 - pub.:May 11, 2004 - sent:Dec 8, 2006

Category: Webmaster Tips

Browser Compatibility #149

Make sure that while you are creating web pages that you check to make sure that they appear properly in different browsers. Some of the most important to check are Internet Explorer, Netscape and the AOL browser. In addition to checking web pages, check to see if your bulk emails appear as you have designed them in the various email programs.

3.13 (8)

Thanks to: Pete Prestipino - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Apr 30, 2004 - pub.:Apr 30, 2004 - sent:Dec 7, 2006

Category: Conversion Tips

Pricing/Package Flexibility #186

This is something that most business people learn over time. By giving your visitors a choice as to what to take away from your site, conversion rates will shoot through the roof. Even if you sell one product, bundle them so that when people buy something they feel as if they received value from the purchase. For example, give price discounts on multiple purchases.

2.89 (9)

Thanks to: WebmastersTips Admin - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:May 11, 2004 - pub.:May 11, 2004 - sent:Dec 6, 2006

Category: Website Development Tips

Optimize Your Site Navigation #294

Here's how to streamline the architecture of your site: Don't let visitors click more than three times! Make sure that none of your pages are more than three clicks away from any other. People should never have to click more than three times to find what they’re looking for. If you’re not sure how the pages on your site relate to each other, map them out on paper. Any site that has more than two pages should be nonlinear in design. Your visitors shouldn’t have to click back and forth through a whole series of pages to get where they’re going -- especially if they’re looking to buy something! Make sure that your visitors can easily find their way back to your home page, no matter where they are on your site. And, most importantly, make sure they’re always within one click of making a purchase!

If your web site is large and content rich, provide links within your content to other pages on your site. It’s an easy way to persuade visitors to check out those pages as well. Just be sure to include an easy-to-locate “back” button that will return visitors to the page they were on before.

3.83 (6)

Thanks to: Pablo Moreno - San Juan - U.S.A. - rec.:Jan 17, 2005 - pub.:Jan 17, 2005 - sent:Dec 5, 2006

Category: Affiliate Program Tips

Include testimonials #216

One of the most successful forms of marketing is the personal recommendation. When someone you trust recommends something, you tend to listen more closely. Use testimonials in your affiliate marketing and watch your results improve.

3.43 (7)

Thanks to: Pete Prestipino - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Jun 1, 2004 - pub.:Jun 1, 2004 - sent:Dec 4, 2006

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