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Category: Ecommerce Tips

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Automatic Order Confirmation #241

By automatically sending a confirmation email to an online buyer, you have the chance to thank them for using your site and give them a confirmation number. This personalized email, along with information on how to get in touch if there is a problem, goes a long way to building customer confidence.

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Thanks to: WebmastersTips Admin - U.S.A. - rec.:Jun 3, 2004 - pub.:Jun 3, 2004 - sent:Sep 12, 2006


Helping the Customer to Care: Tip #6 #663

Consider the ideas in this series of tips if a company is wondering how to help a potential customer care about products.

6. Encourage reviews. Going a step further, encourage criticism. Even if there seem to be glaring weaknesses in one's company, ask customers if they see the same sorts of weaknesses. There are frequently two different perceptions, and even though they may overlap, companies and their customers will not always understand each other.

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Thanks to: Alan R. - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Jul 12, 2005 - pub.:Jul 12, 2005
Fighting Cynicism: If You Could Buy It Out, Would You Succeed? #722

Some time ago, I asked, "What if a company searched out several dedicated individuals and gave them the resources to develop their ideas?" It is a radical, risky idea - after all, even an intelligent customer's ideas may not find much support in the real world.

However, consider taking this strange notion a step further: if a customer bought out your company, would he/she do better than you are doing now? It's often frightening to think that a customer might have an even better notion of what his/her peers want... but it just might be true.

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Thanks to: Anonymous - U.S.A. - rec.:Oct 19, 2005 - pub.:Oct 19, 2005
Better Than the Real Thing? Ideas for Winning Back Customers #5-8 #802

In the first tip in this series, I stated how many businesses have to contend with ripoffs, imitations, and attempts to capitalize on others' success. Here are a few more ideas for winning customers over to the original products:

5. What are your customers' expectations? If your product looks like a magazine, but is in fact a book with no ads or photos, customers will feel confused or even deceived.
6. Are your customers' expectations too high? If ads (or even word-on-the-street buzz) have made your product look miraculous, then many customers will expect the world of it.
7. Are your customers' expectations too low? Do they assume your product will be mediocre, or strictly for some other group of people? If you haven't made steps toward improvement (such as your product's image), customers may ignore you.
8. Does your product try to be cool or unusual? These are difficult images to keep up. Sometimes it is better to settle for solid and reliable rather than edgy.

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Thanks to: Anonymous - U.S.A. - rec.:Jan 27, 2006 - pub.:Jan 27, 2006
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