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Category: General Business Tips

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Pleasing the Most Loyal Customers #328

Every product and service has a wide range of people that use it and enjoy it. While not all products and services earn loyal followings, a few gain a small group of very loyal customers. More than anyone else, these people are willing to complain or praise a product, and to contact a company to offer suggestions. Even though these people represent a minority of your customers, it is wise to listen to them. They are capable of drawing in more customers with praise, and sending away potential customers with criticism. Therefore, it is best to consider dedicated customers' interests in every step of your business.

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On Customer Advocacy #595

It is rare to find a successful category of business where there is not enough competition or enough products. However, if one finds a business with a glaring lack of products with potentially appealing/useful features or benefits, it may be time to push for those products to be created or refined. Some companies will listen if customers ask why things are not available.

A lesson for companies: don't be the sort of company that makes excuses. Never assume that a product will not have a demand. Furthermore, don't attempt one innovation and then say "it didn't sell well, so it'll never be made again."

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Loving a Product or a Service #327

Is it possible to love a product or a service? If it is affordable, reliable, efficient, and so on, then this is possible. In many businesses, it is difficult to create something that customers will love. However, if there is a way to increase quality levels, or if there is a way to reach a new need or a new audience, then the chances are better that the result will inspire love. Therefore, think of a few examples of services and products that inspire more than a little customer loyalty. Then think if your business can inspire the same feelings.

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Embracing and Rejecting Technology, part two #498

Many customers may exploit technology. However, there will always be customers who will remain honest. Not trusting people may be the first step toward losing business.

Decide if a new technology can overcome possible drawbacks. Can it be used to a company's advantage without angering customers?

Also, decide if a new technology is a fad, or if adopting a new technology is inevitable. If the technology is not likely to fade, be prepared to work with it no matter what the consequences might be. Otherwise, a company may end up being seen as a dinosaur.

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