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Category: Marketing Tips

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Helping Customers Buy: Questions to Ask, part one #559

Some companies do not seem to realize that potential customers exist. They focus on their current customer base and neglect facts such as shifting numbers of customers. In order to reach out to new customers, ask a few questions:

1. Do people know where to buy my product? If they don't know several offline and online locations, can I make their lives easier by adding more locations?
2. Do people know how to buy my product? If there aren't several ways to find discounts and variant products, how can I remedy that?
3. Does my product take a long time to explain? If so, is there any way to simplify it, so that people will understand and begin to appreciate it quickly?

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Researching and Working on Innovative Ideas #332

What should you do after getting a good idea? Research it, and follow it up with work. For example, say you just had an idea to reconsider the way PC games are made and marketed. You would have a motivation, since CD-based games are often pirated, and since registering games is not convenient for most customers.

How would you begin to research plausible, convenient, and profitable new ways to make and market games? Find a few reliable people who understand the technology. Find other reliable people in the marketing field, especially if they are also interested in innovation. Find innovative products that might represent a future for the industry, such as Flash-based games. Once your research is done, get to work. No matter what your company does, if you do not follow up on a good idea, its potential will never be realized.

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Write Articles #160

There are literally thousands of online publications that are actively looking for content to share with their subscribers. Take the time to write a few articles each month and you'll be surprised to see the effect. Not only will publication in your niche industry pick them up and send them free of charge to their readers but search engines will index them. If you are smart enough to place your URL (domain name) into each article within a resource box, you'll get free links and free traffic for the life of the article!

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Creating Electronic Brochures for Prospects #152

Create a electronic or e-brochure for your online business and use it to generate leads and close the deal. Include an explanation of your industry, and why your service or products are unique. Make sure to include testimonials from current customers and focus on your unique or special expertise. Then post a link to the electronic brochure on your website.

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