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Category: Advertising Tips

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PPC Advertising: Write very descriptive titles and descriptions for your listings #123

If you are paying for visitors to your site, they better know why they are visiting. Descriptive titles and descriptions can outperform your competition by stating your competitive advantage and can also make sure the visitors to your site are your target market.

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Don't forget offline #255

Many online businesses forget to invest in offline promotions. A segment of your target market may be offline or although they have a computer, they do not "look" for your particular product online. Be sure to incorporate offline promotions to hit this market. I suggest direct mailing. If you obtain a highly targeted list (or you generate this on your own) AND create a great letter, direct mailing can have a high return on investment for a low cost. I recommend staying away from post cards as this is perceived as direct mail spam and will be thrown away much more easily than a professional letter sent in an envelope.

Other offline opportunities: Brochures at point of sale at related stores, Affiliate programs with brick and mortars, Advertise in newspapers or magazines, on local public transportation, or in flight product magazines. Be sure that all offline promotions are in congruence with online promotions and the look of your website. Building brand awareness is important with your advertising efforts, online and offline.

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Choosing the best Ezine to advertise within #120

Wondering where your ezine or newsletter advertisement will elicit the highest response from subscribers? If you are publishing a newsletter or ezine it is important to subscribe to publications with a similar theme. Not only will this give you great ideas when it comes to creating content, but will also give you an idea about what publications are market leaders - and that is where you will want to place your advertisement. If you like reading the publication and click ads within it, so will your potential clients and buyers. By being intimately familiar with your industry, choosing the best online publications will be easier than just buying space for the sake of it.

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Demand and Customers' Budgets #501

Not every customer will consider the relative value of his/her purchases. However, those who ask questions such as "Is this worth ten percent of my remaining budget?" should be applauded. One cautious customer may be worth more to a company than several people who freely spend money.

Therefore, do not berate customers who are hesitant to buy something which they do not need to live. Do not encourage people to risk their budgets on luxury goods. This approach may not help a company's bottom line, but it will help ensure a company is ethical and dedicated to helping its customers.

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