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Category: Traffic Building Tips

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Write Articles #230

Write an article related to your website and submit it to ezines: By writing an article about your service or a topic related to your website, you instantly become an authority on your issue. Although you might have some apprehension about writing, if you have a website, then you probably have something to talk about.

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Of Keywords and Context: The Most Important Rule #611

Even if looking for all the phrases that contain a particular word helps a webmaster find useful phrases to use as keywords, that webmaster must be careful. Never assume all those phrases will be relevant.

No matter if a person's site concerns both business cards or business franchises, just searching for all the phrases that contain the word "business" is never enough. Many of those phrases will branch out into unrelated topics. They will not be relevant.

This also holds true for specific words that would not seem to allow for multiple meanings. A careful search will show that all the phrases that contain specific words such as "cleansing" or "appetite" can vary drastically.

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An Online Welcoming Committee #624

If a friend was about to have his/her first experience seeing a favorite movie, wouldn't you wish to make it a good one? You might go to great lengths to help that individual appreciate it, so that he/she would not walk away wondering why the movie had so much hype.

In a similar way, companies may wish to act as welcoming committees for potential customers. They may want site layouts that a person could understand at first glance. They may want to create an "if you're learning about this" section that a person could find easily, read easily, and remember easily. While this does not apply to all companies, some are in the business of helping find new customers and helping them understand products. For those companies, a beginner-level miniature site will make sure no one is turned away.

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Thanks to: Alan R. - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Jul 1, 2005 - pub.:Jul 1, 2005 - sent:Mar 4, 2006
Free Classifieds #229

Although many websites only have paid inclusion into their classified ads, many offer a free place where you are allowed to advertise your merchandise. If you spend time developing an interesting headline or ad, you can bring in a steady amount of traffic from these sites.

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Thanks to: WebmastersTips Admin - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Jun 2, 2004 - pub.:Jun 2, 2004 - sent:Aug 31, 2004
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