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Category: Small Business Tips

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Desiring Unpopular Products #522

It happens all too often that small businesses fail to compete. Larger businesses take many of their sales and sometimes many of their ideas. The small but personal and artful approach is rarely able to stand against the cheaper, mass market approach.

A few companies have been able to stand against large competition. How do they do it? One possible explanation: distinct, high demand products. Their products are compelling and several steps above the crowd. Few people would want to cheapen them.

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No Use for You? #919

If your target audience lives in a world where ice is constantly present, then common sense indicates that it would be nearly impossible to sell ice to them. The only exception might be status or luxury items, assuming you can convince your audience that your brand of ice is worth purchasing.

But what if the audience you wish to reach doesn't seem interested in your product? Or what if it might be useless to them? Then you have just a few options:

1) Keep trying to convince the audience. Emphasize what your product does best, or what the audience might find interesting/useful about it.

2) Move on. Admit that your product wasn't a good fit for the audience. Either improve it or try to sell it to someone else. This takes courage, especially if you made a serious mistake.

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Thanks to: WebmastersTips.com Admin - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:May 1, 2006 - pub.:May 1, 2006
Get Your Money's Worth: A Dilemma #977

Will anyone believe that when they buy your product, they will get their money's worth? If they perceive your product as being equal to its competition, then they will probably see it as average at best. If they understand your product to be overpriced, then they will rarely pay attention to it. If they think your product is suspiciously cheap, then they might give it a chance or two just because it is expensive. Finally, if they consider your product to be more valuable than its competition, they will admire it.

The dilemma: do your customers care about saving money, or do they hope to get their money's worth? The way you conduct business might help your customers adjust their perceptions, or it might turn them away.

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Thanks to: Anonymous - U.S.A. - rec.:Jun 27, 2006 - pub.:Jun 27, 2006
Like Taking a Hammer to a Wall #997

Sometimes it seems your efforts are all but wasted. You're trying to get people to listen, but nothing's changing, and it seems no one cares. As far as you can tell, everyone's convinced that their perspective is the only valid one, and so they feel that no one else matters. Trying to communicate is like trying to take down a massive wall with a small hammer.

However, if you can work with a variety of people, your small and large efforts might combine into something amazing. That said, take time to actively recruit people to help you. Even "insignificant" individuals who don't have many ways to help out might prove to be useful. Together, you might break down the metaphorical wall.

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Thanks to: WebmastersTips.com Admin - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Jul 19, 2006 - pub.:Jul 19, 2006
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