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Category: Webmaster Tips

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CSS Saves you time! #147

Stylesheets are the hottest thing in web design since they were introduced a few years back. They give you huge control over your design, and with a few small changes, you could change the look of your whole site. Only more recent browsers support them, but now about 90% of web users can see them, so you should use them in your site if you are need to control the overall look of your site, or if you are just tired of correcting the formatting on individual pages.

3.50 (16)

Thanks to: Pete Prestipino - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Apr 30, 2004 - pub.:Apr 30, 2004 - sent:Dec 9, 2006


Easy Maintanence #267

Get PHP on your server! This awesome language makes your job a lot easier! For example, are you sick of having to change links on all your HTML pages because you have added or changed something? Use the code below and you can load each page inside the other, so you only need one page with your menus! If you placed this on a page called index.php, you could make another page appear where this code is placed by going index.php?page=whateverpageyouwant. The default page for this code is news.php, this is what is loaded when index.php is loaded without the ?page= part and if the file cannot be found, 404.php is loaded! It's great!

4.14 (7)

Thanks to: fRup - Auckland, New Zealand - U.S.A. - rec.:Sep 20, 2004 - pub.:Oct 26, 2004 - sent:Jun 24, 2006
Why be Behind the Curve? part one #876

Is there any advantage to being behind the curve? No matter whether the "curve" in question is customers' current likes/dislikes or trends in technology, it would not seem advantageous for any company to strive to trail behind. However, there may be a few exceptions.

1. Tapping into profitable nostalgia. At its worst, nostalgia can seem like a needless rehash of the past. But at its best, it can remind people of excellent things and ideas... and sometimes it can even appeal to a new audience.

2. Embracing levels of service that were once common, but are now considered inconvenient for businesses. It may not always be profitable to provide excellent service. However, small and niche businesses may be able to succeed by providing the services that larger companies once did.

3. Finding an item that was once loved and later forgotten, and improving it for a new audience. This goes a step beyond nostalgia into re-invention. It's the result of thinking "Item B was a great idea, and since the current items don't do quite what it did, perhaps it can have a new lease on life." The improved thing may not resemble the old one, but in order to be distinct and profitable it will probably be very different from all the current things on the shelf.

4. Embracing simplicity. If your audience might like simple things and ideas that work (without too much maintenance?) then this could be an excellent idea.

4.40 (5)

Thanks to: Alan R. - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Mar 20, 2006 - pub.:Mar 20, 2006 - sent:Aug 15, 2006
Favicons #310

Favicons are the small images that appear in a browsers address bar as they visit your site. Favicons can be your logo or a modified logo and are helpful in relation to the branding of your website. Research favicons on your favorite search engines - they are easy to impliment and will impress your site visitors giving you an advantage over your competition.

4.20 (5)

Thanks to: WebmastersTips Admin - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Apr 7, 2005 - pub.:Apr 7, 2005 - sent:May 1, 2005
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