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Category: Networking Tips

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Entertainment/Hobby Businesses and Fan Conventions #385

If you work in an entertainment or hobby-related business, then there is a good chance that your product will appear at fan conventions. If you do not represent a leader in your business, or if your products are not directly related to fans' interests, you may hesitate to support a convention. However, there are three reasons that even one of those two businesses might want to go to conventions.

1. Conventions can be a rare opportunity to network. If you aren't sure if your customers are diverse or dedicated, see if you can prove yourself wrong at a convention.

2. Not everyone attends a convention for the same reasons. A few people are casually interested in the topics, while others will be knowledgable and dedicated. Try to attract customers on all places of the spectrum.

3. Finally, some potential customers may enjoy supporting small businesses and businesses that sell partially related products. Don't assume your company will be out of place or dwarfed by competitors.

3.40 (10)

Thanks to: Alan R. - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:May 12, 2005 - pub.:May 12, 2005


Don't Let Pride Get in the Way #888

Could pride be keeping you from success? Consider the two following thoughts:

"I've seen a lot of scams, and it's tough to find something genuine. Perhaps I represent the only honest company."

"There's no one else who understands my industry, or who can provide the sorts of services that I can. Therefore, I have to succeed."

The first statement is a mild version of "I am right. Everyone else is lying, or else has a distorted version of the truth." The second statement is a light version of "No one understands me. I must solve all my problems on my own." Both of these thoughts are exaggerations, and both may be results of pride.

3.80 (5)

Thanks to: Anonymous - U.S.A. - rec.:Apr 3, 2006 - pub.:Apr 3, 2006
"Something for Everyone" Might Turn Out to be Nothing #948

Too many compromises might ruin your product. If it is more likely to appeal to a small but distinct audience, then don't try to change it too much so that a wider audience might like it more. The product will lose some of its distinctiveness, and it might no longer appeal to any person at all.

Make up your mind on pricing. If you believe your audience will equate high prices with premiums, then you can feel free to make your products relatively expensive. (But do not deceive your customers!) If you believe your audience is looking for the cheapest possible deal, then you should price your product accordingly.

In some cases, you may be able to sell upgradable products. Your customer would therefore add things which add value (at a cost). Therefore, that person could conceivably customize a cheap product and make it much more useful or valuable. Will that custom edition be as good as the next model? Think about whether you want this to be possible, and whether you like this idea or not.

3.80 (5)

Thanks to: Alan R. - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:May 31, 2006 - pub.:May 31, 2006
How Many Connections Can You Build? #1085

How many ways can you connect with your customers? The more interactions you can imagine and develop, the more success you will likely experience.

One possibility: use social networking sites effectively. Don't spam the sites. Rather, plan to participate and share. Plan to contribute useful thoughts and articles, and make sure that only a few of them are related to things you are selling.

A second possibility: invite people to join your forums and give open feedback. Make sure you do not give the impression that you will be monitoring or looking down on people. Instead, encourage your audience to share ideas and to say what's on their minds.

3.80 (5)

Thanks to: Anonymous - U.S.A. - rec.:Jan 16, 2007 - pub.:Jan 16, 2007
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