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Category: Ezine & Newsletter Tips

Building Lists (1)

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Using Ezine Directories to Build Subscribers #189

One valuable tip for building a subscriber list for your ezine or newsletter is to submit to the hundreds of free ezine directories. While some of these resources charge a nominal fee to have a publication listed, others do not, making it a cost effective way to promote your site.

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Thanks to: Adam - Charlotte - U.S.A. - rec.:May 19, 2004 - pub.:May 19, 2004 - sent:Sep 19, 2006


Maybe They've Heard It All Before #879

Your site or newsletter may not have that much to say. Perhaps it seems like nothing more than a collection of cliches and secondhand information. Maybe the only thing you can think is "I don't know what to say." But will you write it anyway?

In trying to create more, better content, perhaps one solution is to just keep writing. Not just even when it seems mundane, but especially when it seems mundane. Be persistent and transfer all those thoughts from brain to paper or computer. The more work you do, the more likely you will be to create something thoughtful, interesting, or just plain good.

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Thanks to: Alan R. - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Mar 24, 2006 - pub.:Mar 24, 2006
Would you pay for an e-book? #890

Or would you have more luck finding the information you want for free? This is a complicated matter.

"Information for free" can be obtained through reliable search engines, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and many other reference tools. Yet by being free, it may not seem valuable. When there is no price tag, people may take it for granted. If you wish to sell information, keep this in mind.

A good researcher will always bring up questions about reliable sources. Which information sources are loaded down with a biased view? And though it may be cynical to ask it, which biased source does one trust, and which one gets disregarded?

Personally, I would not buy an e-book if I knew I could obtain the same amount and quality of information through the media that I trust. However, if you can persuade people that your e-book has a good amount of high quality information, and that it is presented from a sane and sympathetic viewpoint, then you may be able to sell it. Good luck.

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Thanks to: Anonymous - U.S.A. - rec.:Apr 3, 2006 - pub.:Apr 3, 2006
Don't insult your audience #981

This should be an obvious suggestion, right? But it's all too easy to lose control of your emotions and accuse your customers or coworkers of deception. The lesson: stay calm. Shelve your complaints, and don't bring them out.

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Thanks to: Anonymous - U.S.A. - rec.:Jun 28, 2006 - pub.:Jun 28, 2006
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