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Category: Branding Tips

Creative Branding Strategies (2)

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Brand Simplicity #226

There is no greater mistake in branding than to overcomplicate the effort. To keep your brand simple but memorable, focus on just a handful of aspects that tell the story about your brand.

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It's Just Like That Brand Over There, Only... Worse? #699

A few months ago, I noted the possible problem of positioning a product so that it is "just like Brand B, only better." This is not likely to be a useful comparison for many customers. What if customers do not like Brand B? What if customers see Brand B as identical to its competitors?

Furthermore, a competing brand may have several aspects that make it distinct from others. If it is a toothpaste tube, perhaps it is easier to squeeze, or proven to care for more dental conditions. A new brand that tries to compete with something superior or unique will have an uphill battle. Not only will it have to establish itself as equally superior or unique, but it must have something to set apart. Otherwise, customers may see it as worse instead of better.

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Brand Betrayal? part two #853

If any of these additional questions are true, then you *may* be about to betray your own brand.

6. Is your new product about to "over-extend" your brand line extensions? By that I mean that it is meant to seem like just another brand line extension, but it tries to appeal to many more people? Attempts to make a new spinoff universally appealing may be more likely to fail than ordinary line extensions.

7. Unless your product is trying to be humorous or subversive, does it get reactions such as "gross" or "in bad taste"?

8. Is your product so poorly timed that few people know about it until a stronger competitor creates something similar? Or has your product experienced so many delays that your product is instantly thought of as an also-ran?

9. Do your loyal supporters show any signs of hesitation about your new product?

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Color Branding #225

When developing a brand, consider the role that color plays in the mind of consumers. Color branding goes far beyond "pink for girls and blue for boys." Millions of dollars are spent each year determining corporate colors by huge firms so spend a little time figuring out what colors match with what you are trying to accomplish. Here are a few established color branding norms: Blue - trustworthy, Red - energy, Purple - established, Orange - creative

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Thanks to: WebmastersTips - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Jun 2, 2004 - pub.:Jun 2, 2004 - sent:Sep 4, 2006
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