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As a valued member of the WebmastersTips.com community you have elected to receive by email webmaster and website owner tips for online success. Since changes in e-mail technology may prevent this information from being delivered and instead routed to bulk, deleted, or another incorrect folder - please follow the instructions below to make sure you receive every valuable edition.

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To ensure that WebmastersTips.com communications are not filtered into your "junk/bulk" folder, select the Add/Save to Address Book function in your e-mail browser and follow the appropriate instructions. Add the email address webmasterstips@emls5.wwz.com to your address book. Please contact your e-mail provider if you would like assistance.

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If you continue to encounter any problems in receiving your WebmastersTips e-mails, contact info@webmasterstips.com

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- Do you accept advertising in your website? #5

At this time we do not accept advertising within our website outside of that provided through our partnership with 7Search.com, one of the premier bid for placement search engines. Many of our sites include web search capabilities. We encourage you to sign up with 7Search if you wish to appear in those search results generated from our websites. We also encourage you to consider http://www.BannersXChange.com, a free banner exchange service.


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- Where are you located? #6

This service has personnel in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Santiago, Chile. Our main office is located at the follow address: 4179 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago, IL. 60657


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