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Category: Time Management Tips

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Prioritize by importance and immediacy #113

While many things are very immediate they are not really that important to your personal growth, but they have to get done. We have to breathe every second, drink every hour, eat every day, if the phone rings we need to answer it. Always differentiate these priorities by giving them 3 points for importance and 3 points for immediacy. Every morning assign your daily tasks and goals up to 6 points each, your partial list of priorities could look like this:

Work on ABC service proposal: 
Importance = 3 - Immediacy = 3  Total = 6 points
Return my boss phone call: 
Importance = 1 - Immediacy = 3  Total = 4 points
Return all my calls: 
Importance = 0 - Immediacy = 3  Total = 3 points
Make my daily calls: 
Importance = 1 - Immediacy = 2  Total = 3 points

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Thanks to: Dante Monteverde - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Apr 21, 2004 - pub.:Apr 22, 2004 - sent:May 28, 2005


How to Set Deadlines #1178

Rule #1: if your company frequently fails to meet its own deadlines, then your customers will have a difficult time trusting you. Therefore, your company must learn how to set realistic deadlines.

Rule #2: on the other hand, if your company routinely meets (and defeats) its own deadlines, then your customers will be much more likely to respect you.

Rule #3: therefore, you need to understand how to set deadlines which appeal to customers, which are easy to meet, and which benefit your company.

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Thanks to: Anonymous - U.S.A. - rec.:Oct 15, 2007 - pub.:Oct 15, 2007
Don't Take All My Time #936

Want to earn customer loyalty? Then don't demand a large time commitment from them.

What do I mean by this? Well, keep in mind that your customers probably have a lot of time commitments. They only have so much time to spare. If you can help them balance their schedules, and if you can help them do all the things they want, then they will probably appreciate you. On the other hand, if you ask them to squeeze in a few more duties, or devote more hours to what you have to offer, then you may not earn much loyalty.

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Thanks to: Alan R. - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:May 22, 2006 - pub.:May 22, 2006
Putting Ideas into Action: Time Waits for No... #460

Even if one has a potentially great business idea, it is easy to put it off. Daily duties pile up, and many people feel too busy to consider taking risks and developing a new product or service.

How can one fight anxiety and procrastination? Consider making a Gantt chart or a timetable. Leave quite a bit of room to debate the worth of the new idea. See if it is possible to make decisions to move forward or to stay on course within weeks.

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Thanks to: Anonymous - U.S.A. - rec.:May 31, 2005 - pub.:May 31, 2005
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