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Category: Sale Tips

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Develop an urgency to buy #208

When a prospect does not buy, they usually feel no sense of urgency to buy. A salesperson's job is to show the prospect that buying immediately is best for them. Sales people must be able to offer several reasons why buying a product will satisfy an urgent need. Tell them what they will miss out on if they wait one more day. The reason a customer buys your product or service is because of what it can do for them, so tell them!

3.82 (11)

Thanks to: Linda - Terre Haute - U.S.A. - rec.:Jun 1, 2004 - pub.:Jun 1, 2004 - sent:May 8, 2005


Difficulties After a Major Purchase, part one #543

It has been said that after making a large purchase, a customer will continue to look at a product's reviews, if just to convince him/herself that was worth the effort. However, what happens when a customer does not understand major features of his/her purchased item? That individual may start doubting the wisdom of the purchase. Will that person read the instructions, and if so, how carefully? Will the customer look for a forum to discuss any difficulties, and if so, will he/she find clear and detailed help?

In these questions and more, retailers and product manufacturers should ask what they can do to help. If they do not provide enough assistance, customers will feel neglected, and they may no longer support a store or a manufacturer.

5.00 (5)

Thanks to: Anonymous - U.S.A. - rec.:Jun 17, 2005 - pub.:Jun 17, 2005 - sent:Jul 25, 2005
Does your customer really want that? Part two. #708

Would a customer really want a computer if installing any sort of internet access were a difficult task? After all, an internet connection has become a crucial feature of any computer over the last ten years. If customers can not make maximum use of major features of a product without going to great lengths, they will not be inclined toward buying that product.

On the other hand, if a company can honestly tell its customers that a seemingly difficult task does not have to be difficult, then the customers will be relieved. If it does not involve an additional expense, convenience will be a boon to nearly every customer.

4.00 (6)

Thanks to: Anonymous - U.S.A. - rec.:Oct 11, 2005 - pub.:Oct 11, 2005
Does your customer really want that? Part three. #709

Do customers know all the ways one can use a product? Are they easy to explain? I say this because this customer has heard that a professional can install a small desktop computer in the spare space under a car's stereo. I do not know exactly what the benefits of this could be, much less any potential risks. But as I struggle to learn more, I will have more questions that a company might be able to answer. And if they can persuade me that the benefits will outweigh the expense and downsides, then I will be much more willing to buy.

4.00 (6)

Thanks to: Anonymous - U.S.A. - rec.:Oct 11, 2005 - pub.:Oct 11, 2005
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