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Category: Software Tips

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Keeping Up with Technology While Staying Sane #333

With few exceptions, using new technology just because it is new is not useful. Unless your business needs a brand new software package or a brand new gadget, wait a few months. By then, the once-new item may well have been replaced by another product. In the last few decades, most consumer products have had only limited success. Overnight successes are rare, and even those are not always long lasting. In summary, most companies should try to rely on established technology.

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MS Excel: Copy a date across a number of cells #198

Excel's auto fill feature is really useful if you want to enter one date, drag the fill handle and have it extend the series. If you just want to copy the same value into a number of cells, then dragging normally isn't an option. One method of doing achieving this is to select all the cells (including the one with the date in), hold down the Ctrl key and press the D key. If the cells are horizontal rather than vertical, hold down the Ctrl key and press the R key.

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Thanks to: Dede - Sherwood - U.S.A. - rec.:Jun 1, 2004 - pub.:Jun 1, 2004
MS Excel: Modifying AutoFormat #199

While some of the formats provided with AutoFormat in Excel are useful, they might not be quite what you need. A good example of this is where you want to apply all of the formatting, but leave the font as it is. To modify this, click on Options from the autoformat dialog box (Format, AutoFormat) and deselect the font option. Any of the other aspects of AutoFormat can be selected and deselected in this manner.

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Thanks to: Dede - Sherwood - U.S.A. - rec.:Jun 1, 2004 - pub.:Jun 1, 2004
MS Word: Insert Rows #200

To add a new row at the end of your table in MS Word, place the cursor in the last cell and press the TAB key. A new row will be added automatically.

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Thanks to: Oliver - New York - U.S.A. - rec.:Jun 1, 2004 - pub.:Jun 1, 2004
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