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Category: Content & Copywriting Tips

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Optimism: Professional vs. Unprofessional Sites #504

Though it may be cynical to say it, one way to tell the difference between a company's website and a website made by an individual is the level of optimism. Nearly all retail websites are optimistic about their products. Advice and warnings may exist, but they will not be the centerpiece of the site. On the other hand, an individual discussing the product will often be honest in mentioning its good and bad aspects.

An honest company will wish to make sure customers understand that it is not trying to deceive them. It should not say so many positive things about its products that it seems suspicious. A company may want to compare its products to the competition, pointing out its advantages while not ignoring major drawbacks.

3.75 (12)

Thanks to: Alan R. - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Jun 8, 2005 - pub.:Jun 8, 2005


Clear Writing and Search Engine Filters #571

Some online writers have made a habit of hiding keywords. These individuals will write f-ree or f-r-ee instead of free in order to make sure their websites are not mistaken for spam-like sites. I can not cite any statistics that might indicate if this helps or not.

However, even if this helps a site on a computer level, it will probably not help a site on a human level. A surfer that sees a site with this style of hidden writing may be very suspicious of the site. Assuming the surfer knows this is done to help in search engines, the surfer may wonder why this is considered effective writing when other well-known sites do not write in this way.

3.70 (10)

Thanks to: Anonymous - U.S.A. - rec.:Jun 23, 2005 - pub.:Jun 23, 2005
Using "Click Here" as Link Text #112

Try to use brief but meaningful link text when asking the end-user or website visitor to take an action. Instead of repeating "click here" over and over again within your pages, try to provide some explanation of what the site is, or what the visitor will find when they click through. Simply stated, try to not use a verb phrase as it is against many of the rules for good web copywriting.

3.50 (10)

Thanks to: Pete Prestipino - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Apr 21, 2004 - pub.:Apr 22, 2004 - sent:Sep 5, 2006
Stressing Urgency #179

Successful copy has one thing in common - it makes the reader feel urgent to do something - specifically what is being written about in the copy. It is important to tell reader to act by making an offer. It's as easy as asking to call, fax, or request information. SECRET TIP: Make it a limited time offer and watch response rates explode.

3.50 (10)

Thanks to: Maury - Waikiki - U.S.A. - rec.:May 10, 2004 - pub.:May 10, 2004 - sent:Nov 25, 2006
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