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Category: Search Engine Tips

General Search Engine Tips (1)
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SE Optimization Tips: Potential Design and Set Up Problems #275

If your website uses frames, Flash, Javascript, image maps or dynamic URLs, this is an important tip for you to read when it comes to search engine optimization. Some of the aforementioned design choices are considered detrimental when it comes to having your web pages listed well with search engines. If you have a website with one or more of these design aspects, consider developing straight HTML pages and submit those pages to search engines. Use the more visually appealing pages for direct mail marketing on business literature or for pay per click marketing campaigns.

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Choosing correct work at home site keywords, part three #417

Here are more common keyword errors in work at home sites. Note how the context of each keyword is distinct.

1. art work
2. Bath and Body Works (Retail store.)
3. Cartoon Network
4. Cartoon Net Work (This is a common typo.)
5. Dish Network
6. Food Network
7. how stuff works
8. MLA works cited (Research guide.)
9. Norton System Works (Antivirus software.)
10. volunteer work
11. work bench
12. work boot
13. work clothes
14. work glove
15. work shoes
16. works cited

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Important Keyword Questions, part two #579

More questions to ask one's self in order to create and refine good keywords:

5. Do I know the sort of people who search for my products?
6. Do I know *why* they search for my products? Might my image of these people be a stereotype?
7. What can I do to help a surfer who wishes to find my products? Will my site stand out on his/her search engine results?
8. Do I have at least one way to keep up with new keywords and shifting trends?

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Alt Tags are Awesome #150

"Alt" tags are HTML tags that allows a browser to display text instead of a graphic. Some search engines read these tags in order to help with rankings. You can modify these alt tags to read whatever you want! When the image appears and the visitor moves their mouse over it, the alt tag displays your text. When the image does not appear, the alt tag appears instead.

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