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Category: Trust/Validation Tips

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Trust Must be Earned (Here's a Few More Ways to Earn It) #1243

Here is another way to help customers trust your company:

3. Consider how you attract people willing to support you. Does your company draw in supporters through flashy/controversial ads? If so, then you might have fickle customers. They might not stick around through the rough times.

Does your company attract supporters through "tech talk" and manipulate phrases? If so, then your customers might become suspicious. No matter how many fancy words and seemingly-great-sounding ideas you use, not everyone will believe you. Loyal customers might depart, or challenge your ad campaigns.

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Trust Must be Earned (Here's How to Earn It) #1225

Before people buy, they need to trust. Let's be honest -- if no one is willing to trust your business, then you will have little to no success. Therefore, here are a few ways to help customers trust your company:

1. Promises which you don't break. Your business needs to follow through on everything which it promises. If your company consistently under-performs and betrays expectations, then it will almost certainly fail.

2. Positive name recognition. There is no way that you can prevent people from complaining about your business. (And no, you should not attempt to silence them.) However, you need to do as much as possible to keep your brand name in good standing. It's your job to ensure that the general public believes that your company has strengths, and your product has merit. When people hear your product's name, their reaction should be positive.

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Thanks to: WebmastersTips.com Admin - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Feb 26, 2008 - pub.:Feb 26, 2008
"Last, Best Hope" Syndrome #1238

If you (as a customer) pin your hopes to an unfinished product, or to a company which is developing new products, then you face the risk of disappointment. I know, I know... it's easy to believe that certain things are "the ones you've been waiting for," especially if they're still being created. Furthermore, it's tempting think that if those seemingly promising things don't turn out excellent, then you won't have anything else to look forward to. In those cases, it can be easy to declare that such products are the final remaining source of hope.

The lesson to learn here is that you shouldn't place high expectations on items which are still being made. Instead, put modest expectations on several products. If only one of them succeed, then you will only feel slightly let down.

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Thanks to: Alan R. - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Mar 14, 2008 - pub.:Mar 14, 2008
Trust Must be Earned (One More Way to Earn It) #1470

Another thought on how customers trust... or lose trust... in your company:

4. You will lose when people can cite specific reasons to oppose your company. If ordinary people can point to incidents where your company broke its promises, then they won't be inclined to trust you again.

How can you prevent this? First, know how to react during a public relations crisis. Panic is rarely the right response. Second, remember what customers you need to appease. Your harshest critics might be reviewers who follow news closely, and who keep track of every detail. Think about what they appreciate, and avoid things which annoy them.

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Thanks to: WebmastersTips.com Admin - Chicago - U.S.A. - rec.:Jun 19, 2009 - pub.:Jun 19, 2009
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