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Category: Website Design Tips

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Templates #167

A template page is simply a page that can be used over and over. It contains your predetermined color scheme, a logo, a navigation menu, and other layout characteristics you have already developed. New pages can be quickly placed online by saving the template with a new file name and adding the appropriate content. This will help to preserve consistency in navigation and "look and feel" throughout your site while saving time.

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Thanks to: Terry - Pheonix - U.S.A. - rec.:May 3, 2004 - pub.:May 3, 2004 - sent:Jun 13, 2006


Don't let a new site design kill your traffic! #266

Your designer has just finished that new site design and it's a thing of beauty, form, and function! Excited about getting more traffic, you upload the site and check your stats. What a shock to see your traffic die faster than flies in December! What is the problem with the new design? It's not the design, it's the page names. Most designers not only change the look of the pages, they also give them all new page names. I guess they do this to keep them from being mixed up with the old ones. The problem is that your site may have hundreds if not thousands of links pointing to it, and if the page names change anyone clicking on the old link will get an error. Only the link to the default home page will still work. The solution is to re-use those old page names or change the old page into a 301 or 30-second meta refresh to get the visitor to the correct place and not lose them. A little extra work to keep the old page names on your site will keep your hard-earned traffic flowing!

Chris Nielsen
Nielsen Technical Services

3.53 (15)

Thanks to: Chris Nielsen - Minneapolis - U.S.A. - rec.:Sep 20, 2004 - pub.:Oct 26, 2004 - sent:Aug 2, 2006
Screen Resolution #168

There is no one best screen resolution for all Internet users. Some like it bigger (1024x768) and some like it smaller (800x600). It is important to design your site so that it looks good at any resolution.

3.06 (18)

Thanks to: Jolinda - Glen Ellyn - U.S.A. - rec.:May 3, 2004 - pub.:May 3, 2004 - sent:Apr 9, 2005
Looping Animation #163

One of the most serious mistakes graphic designers make when designing website animation is to only have an image "loop" or repeat once. If you are worried about annoying a website visitor, consider adding in a space of time between the animation loops if you think you should display your animation more than once.

3.21 (14)

Thanks to: Murray - San Francisco - U.S.A. - rec.:May 3, 2004 - pub.:May 3, 2004 - sent:Jun 17, 2006
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