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Category: Domain Tips

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Own a Domain Name. #279

If you are attempting to sell a product or service on the web, and you're still operating from a free server without a domain name, your chances of success are low. Domain names can be purchased for as low as $10 per year and are an absolute must for survival. It's true that it is much more difficult to find a good domain name than it was a few years ago. However, a slew of tools have been released that aid in creating unique name combinations.

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Long Domain Names #173

If you choose to purchase a long domain name (one that contains two or more words) think about possibly adding a few dashes in between. It not only makes the words more obvious to the eye which is easier for surfer to notice on search return lists but it is also easier for users to remember and return to your site.

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Thanks to: Wally - Port St. Lucie - U.S.A. - rec.:May 7, 2004 - pub.:May 7, 2004 - sent:Nov 12, 2004
Different extensions #175

Try and register domain names with different extensions (e.g. .com, .net, .biz, etc.). If you focus on providing products or services to national audiences, use country extensions (.us, .uk, .ca, etc), because these domains will give your audience the confidence that they are dealing with a company 'close' to them.

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Thanks to: Sam - Portland - U.S.A. - rec.:May 7, 2004 - pub.:May 7, 2004 - sent:Jul 25, 2006
Company Name - Domain Names #174

Try and make your domain name as close to your company name as is possible if your company name is already well established outside the Internet. Many visitors may try to guess your domain name based on your company name (e.g. www.yourcompanyname.com), and by increasing the possibility of them finding it without having to resort to search engines, you can increase your traffic.

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Thanks to: Joe - Philadelphia - U.S.A. - rec.:May 7, 2004 - pub.:May 7, 2004 - sent:Jun 22, 2006
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